Delaney finally arrived at 5:02 p.m. on 8/9. She was 20 3/4 in. long and weighed 8 lb. 15 oz. When we left the hospital on 8/11 she had lost a little weight and weighed 8 lb. 8 oz. Be sure to read the "Story of Delaney's Birth" - my recollection of the events that occurred on Delaney's birth day. I'm not a writer so I'm sure it is pretty dry and boring, but Gina and I wanted to write down everything we experienced that first day so we wouldn't forget it.

We've started using an online picture album at SmugMug rather than keeping the pictures on our own site up to date. Phanfare is a great site for hosting pictures that really makes it easy to keep your pictures up to date. If you're interested in joining SmugMug then let us know and we can get you a discount on your initial membership!

Delaney's Pictures
Easter 2006 - Posted 4/8/2006
Delaney's 1st Birthday Party - Posted 8/9/2005
Miscellaneous Pictures - Posted 4/19/2005
Easter 2005 - Posted 4/19/2005
Miscellaneous Pictures - Posted 4/19/2005
Rob and Gina's Trip to Los Angeles - Posted 4/19/2005
Delaney's Baptism (2/27/2005) - Posted 4/19/2005

Picture Archives

Delaney's Important Information

Additional Information
Weight at 6 month doctor's visit 2/11/2005 16 lb. 13 oz.
Height at 6 month doctor's visit 2/11/2005 28 1/4 inches
Weight at 4 month doctor's visit 12/10/2004 14 lb. 6 oz
Height at 4 month doctor's visit 12/10/2004 27 inches (the doctor told us that if she keeps growing at this pace she could end up being around 6 feet tall)
Rolls from back to belly for the 1st time 11/28/2004
Rolls from belly to back for the 1st time 11/25/2004
Weight at doctor's visit 11/17/2004 13 lb. 6 oz (with her clothes on)
1st Halloween 10/31/2004 She wore a Winnie the Pooh sunflower costume
1st time to sleep all night 10/23/2004
Weight at 2 month doctor's visit 10/12/2004 12 lb.
Length at 2 month doctor's visit 10/12/2004 24 inches
1st Trip out of Tennessee 10/8/2004 - 10/10/2004 Trip to Paragould, AR for Rachel Cook's wedding
1st Day at Kindercare 9/20/2004
Umbilical cord fell off 8/26/2004
Weight at 1st doctor's visit 8/24/2004 9 lb. 11 oz
Length at 1st doctor's visit 8/24/2004 21 1/4 inches
1st Trip to Wal-Mart 8/16/2004
1st Trip out of the house 8/15/2004 Took Grandma Vitthuhn back to her hotel, and then went to Sonic with Mom and Dad
Weight leaving hospital 8/11/2004 8 lb. 8 oz
Birth weight 8/9/2004 8 lb. 15.9 oz
Birth length 8/9/2004 20 3/4 inches

Picture Archives
Christmas in Clifton - Posted 2/13/2005
Christmas in Paragould - Posted 2/13/2005
Christmas 2004 - Posted 2/13/2005
Christmas in Murfreesboro - Posted 2/13/2005
Christmas in Florence - Posted 2/13/2005
Christmas Pictures from the Opryland Hotel - Posted 2/13/2005
Miscellaneous Pictures - Posted 2/13/2005
Gina's 2004 Birthday - Posted 2/13/2005
Video of Delaney turning over (back to belly) - Posted 11/19/2004
Video of Delaney turning over (belly to back) - Posted 11/28/2004
Thanksgiving 2004 - Posted 11/28/2004
Video of Delaney laughing - Posted 11/13/2004
Video of Delaney making baby sounds - Posted 11/8/2004
Halloween 2004 - Posted 10/31/2004
Trip to Muscle Shoals, AL for Papaw's birthday - Posted 10/31/2004
Trip to Rachel Cook's Wedding (Delaney's first trip to Paragould) - Posted 10/15/2004
Miscellaneous pictures - Posted 10/15/2004
Delaney at 5 Weeks Old - Posted 9/17/2004
Delaney visits family - Posted 9/12/2004
More Miscellaneous Pictures - Posted 9/3/2004
Miscellaneous pictures - Posted 8/24/2004
Her first pictures - Posted 8/11/2004
Her first days home - Posted 8/14/2004

Delaney's Baby Shower

Gina had our baby shower on June 5, 2004, and we got a lot of wonderful gifts and had a wonderful time. Thanks so much to Kelli, Laura, Tracie, and Leigh Ann for organizing and hosting the shower for us. Laura gave us all her pictures so we put them on the website for everyone to share in the fun.

Delaney's Nursery

We had a lot of fun painting Delaney's nursery and it has ended up looking great! We added pictures of the nursery to our site so that everybody can enjoy seeing the room. Thanks so much to Tracie for helping us with the room. We really couldn't have done it without her.

Birthing Classes

We started birthing classes on June 1, 2004, and we tried to keep notes on the class about what we went through each week.

This 3-D Ultrasound picture was taken on 4/22/2004. You can really make out all of the features of Delaney's head, face, and arms. The big spot on her head is nothing to worry about though. That is actually just a shadow being caused by the placenta. We were lucky to get the 3-D Ultrasound because this was done on the first day that the hospital started using the 3-D Ultrasound. What a difference there is between this and our regular ultrasound pictures! On this day Gina was 25 weeks pregnant. Delaney is due on August 4, 2004.

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